SRI PRAHLADHA RAGHAVENDRA PEEDAM.  ஸ்ரீ ராகவேந்திர தீர்த்தர் 

                        Sri Prahladha Raghavendra Peedam                                 21, Jalan Tembaga Merah 9, Taman Sri Skudai.Skudai. Johor Dt.M'sia                     Thiru: Siva Sai Raghavendra- 0137396512                                           



      Sri Prahladha Raghavendra Peedam -Moola Brindavanam Deity

   Satguru Raghavendra Swamy  416th Jayanthi Villa & SPRP 4th Anniversary Were Celebrated Grandly On 23rd Mac 2011 At Tmn University -Johor. 21x NGO's Including 7x Guruji Across M'sia Participated On The Event. 1st Ever To Be Organize At Johor. Sri Prahldha Raghavendra Peedam Cordinator ; Mr. Mrs. Sivakumar & Shamala Are The Main Host.  Guruveh Saranam & Guruveh Tunai

Sri Prahladha Raghavendra Peedam-Miracle

 1st -Miracle !-June-2009                                                     There Is Once  My Wife Dream 'Guru Paduka' Was Given To Her By A Guru And She Told Me The Next Morning. I Thought It’s Just A Dream, The Following Night, I Had The Same Dream. After Few Days Our Wood Paduka (Which We Used To Performed Patha Pooja-Every Thursday ) Almost Broken . We Plan To Buy A New One (Silver). Surprisingly We Were Presented A 'Solid Metal Paduka' .We Were So Happy And Unbelievable. GuruVeh Sarva Loganam. Om

 2nd -Miracle ! -Sep -2009                                                    Lately We Got To Knew A Holy Saint ,'' Maha Kudaliyin Yogi - Arul Oli Siddhar from Tanjaroe -S.India (73 years). He Visited Our Peedam For The 1st Time On 2nd- Sep-2009 - 11pm. The Moment He Entered And Saw Rayar Statue, He Close Eye And Mediate. He Says 'Rayar' Is Leaving Here And 'Anjanayar' Blessing Is Filled In Our Ashram. We Were Happy  To Hear That. He Is Also Ardent Devotee Of Sri Raghavendra  And Impressed Seeing Our Ashram Bridavanam. The Next Morning About 10am, Our Malay Neighbour Call Us  And Show A Big Monkey (Anjanayar) Sitting On Top Of Our Ashram Roof And Eating Fruit. This Is The 1st Time Since Opening Our Peedam .As Our Peedam Located Around Housing  Area And No Jungle Around, We Were Surprised.I Prayer And Scream  Sri Anjanyar Maharashi Kee Jai' . We Accepted Arul Oli Siddar' As Our Peedam Advisor. Guruveh Shagala Banthu. Om

3rd -Miracle ! -Aug 2010 
This happen during Guru Aratanai -Aug 2010. I ordered Ayyin Ponnu statue of  'Bakta Prahladha' & Laksmi Narishima'  around Feb 2010 at Swami malai- Kumbakonam-India and wanted the both statue to arrive before Guru Aratanai on 25th Aug (1st Day -Poorva Aratanai ). The Maker agreed and i ve printed out 'Pahtirakai' that Bakta Prahladha will going for uruvalam and Homam for Laksmi Narishima. The Maker able to send through flight (fast delivering)  on 10th Aug. He said by 15th Aug i will receive but almost 20th Aug i did not receive and understood on hold at S'pore custom for excess duty. The maker and agent quarreling but  i am geting worried. At last both committed by 22nd Aug will deliver to Ashram door step yet NO. I was very upset and pray to Rayar for. On 24th Aug -Tuesday -4pm (Eve Of Guru Aratanai ) while i at working place , i received call from post delivering man standing outside our Peedamm pending to deliver the both statue. Om my god, I ran from office and accepted the parcel with full happiness. Again Rayar' proven his power. GuruVeh Saranam. Om

4rd -Miracle ! -Feb  -2011
          Last year after Guru Aradana , its cross my mind to gather all Raghavendra Centers in M'sia and form M'sia Raghevendra Society. This due to many centers are helpless and not be recognize. Mission to align all Raghavendra devotees to same way praying method. Also not to confuse devotees by believing 'ConMan' declaring as Guru Raghavendra Avatra. No One Ever Can Replace Rayar as he will be living for another 360years. Therefore I ve personally visited and witness all centers from North to South Of M'sia including S'pore. Wrote letters to all on subject; Developing Good Relationship Among Raghavendra Centers. Good Response and we plan for 1st meeting on 4th Feb 2011. I start worry many may opposed my suggestion and fighting for position. I pray to Rayar for peace n good understanding meeting and performed meditation. By Rayar's blessing and guidance meeting went on very well. Many devotees and press personnel witness the meeting. We name as 'Federation Of Sri Raghavendra Swami Peravai M'sia' . I Was Elected As M'sia Secretary. Now we have 26 Rayar Centers Across M’sia& S’pore. Om  


 5th -Miracle ! -Sep  -2012 (2 IN1)                                      In Our Peedam-Sri Prahladha Raghavendra Peedam, We Portray Rayar As Mother & Sridi Baba As Father And Have All Others Guru & Mahan Photos. Many Have Asked Us How You Can Have 2 Guru Statues In Same Place. We Ignore Their Comment. A Group From Bandar Puteri  (Klang) With Their Guruji Visited Our Peedam. As Usual Took Many Photos And A Group Photo In Front Of Our Peedam Bridvanam. Upon Developed Those Photos Seen Sridi Baba Clear Face Apper In Bridavanam. The Guruji Called Me And Tole Me This. I Were Shocked And Happy. Drove to Klang, Get the Photo and Placed At Peedam until Now. Devotees Were Shocked Too.

         After 341th Guru Aradana, I Decided To Place A Chair For Baba With His Photos At Mini Hall In Our Peedam. Just After One Week We Notice 'THINUUR' & 'SANTANAM' On The Photo But To Our Surprise Its Falls Inside The Glass Photo, We Were Extremely Happy At Least No One Can Comment That Those Were Put By Us Or Like Others Placed Where They Do  And Create Story For Publicity.


 6th -Miracle ! -March -2013.                                        

        A Lady Name Mrs.Kavitha Whom Have 3 Children Came To Our Peedam On Jun 2011. Her 2nd Son Name Tharan -8years Were Affected With Leukemia. Doc Give 2mths Only, We Adopted Him As Our Peedam Child And Conducted Several Of Guru Prayers Where He Survive For More Than A Year, After Some Time The Dieses Affect Him Badly, Need Undergo 'Chemo'. He Became Very Weak And Unable Walk. He Told Kavitha Wish To Visit Our Peedam And Seeing Guru. Kavitha Carry Him To Our Peedam And I Put Him In Front Of Guru. By Looking at Him, We knew its His Time to Go. I Gave Him Guru's Kavi From Our Peedam Bridavanam, That Night at 12.10am He Passed Away At Home. Upon Our Visit Found He Was Lying Down On Guru Kavi. He Were Buried With The Kavi. Kavitha Ask Us A Question, Why Anna Yr Guru Failed To Save My Son…We Were Speechless. I Knew Guru With Him. Her Mother Sponsored Our Peedam A Beautiful Wood RAMA NAMAM As Tharan's Remembrance. Tharan Has Also His Last Wish To See Kumbabisegam At Bandar Dato'Onn -Johor Sri Subramaniam Temple. Since He Passed Away, Kavitha Put Her Hearth & Soul Working On The Temple Building Renovation By Getting Sponsor For The Temple. Now The Temple Is Almost 90% Completed. 

     Here Comes The Interesting Part=> On 19th March 2013 –Tuesday, During Rayar 418th Jayathi, A 40Feet Container Carry All Idols ( Ayyin Ponn & Karunkall) For The Temple Arrive From India.Upon Unloading All Idols , They Check Invoice Qty Vs Actual Found One Extra Wood Box. 1st All Committee Members  Curios  To See The Murugan  4feet Tall Statue, To Their Surprise The Murugan Statue Face Exactly Like Tharan Cute Face. Kavitha Were Extremely Happy Her Hard Work Were Paid Off By Seeing His Son Face Through Murugan Statue. Now All Curious To Open The Add One Box Which Was Not In Invoice. To Everyone Surprise, It’s None Other than Satguru Raghavendra Swamy 2Feet Black Karunkall Statue. I Plead The Temple Mgt. To Keep Rayar In The Temple Where SPRP Will Sponsored The Bridavanam Expense And Told Kavitha Your Question To Us A Year Ago Have Been Answered. Om Satguruveh Thiruvadi Pohtri-Pohtri

 7th -Miracle ! 11th Mon-Aug'2014

    We ordered Ayyin Ponn ‘’PANCHAMUKHI HANUMAN’ statue at India towards Feb’14.Plan  arrive SPRP by 1st week of June so that ‘Pranaprethisthe’ to be carry out during Falg Raising Ceremony on 28th June in conjunction with 343rd Maha Aradhana Mohotsav’14.All info have been printed on Arikai and distributed to all. Due to Shipment issue, the statue never arrives on time and we were so worried and disappointed. To our surprise none of any devotes ask about it and expect our explanation. Sri Rayaru has saved our honour.

   I prayed to Sri Rayaru, if my bakthi towards H.H. is true and pure, the statue should arrive by Aradhana Villa. Times fly and Aradhana day were nearing. We were as usual on 48days fasting and chanting Sri Rama & Sri Rayaru Nama daily. I never give hope but as ordinary human being  felt upset. Exactly on 1st day of Aradhana Villa –Poorva Aradhana which pooja about to start at 7.00pm, received a call frm DHL a parcel pending delivering to SPRP at Senai Air Port. M speechless and cry out of joy, Sharp 6.20pm on 11th Aug-Mon during Poorva Aradhana-1st day, the Lovely Panchamukhi Hanuman arrives at SPRP. It was my biggest victory on spiritual path. We thks Satguru and celebrated Aradhana villa with full joy and happiness. Om

 Sri Rama Jaya Rama –Jaya Jaya Rama.
Om Sri Pancamuki Thiruvadi Pohtri-Pohtri
Sri Matmoola Ramo Vijayathe -Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha.

  Sri Matmoola Ramo Vijayathe, Sri Raghavendraya Thiruvadi Pohthri.